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Rhinoplasty Surgery (Nose Job Surgery)

Our price starts from: 12,000 PLN

Rhinoplasty, often called a "nose job," is a surgical procedure that involves reshaping or modifying the size and structure of the nose. It is a versatile surgery that can address a range of concerns and can be performed for cosmetic reasons to improve the appearance of the nose, or for medical reasons to correct breathing problems or deformities caused by injury.

  • Cosmetic reasons: Rhinoplasty can adjust the size, shape, or angle of the nose to create a more harmonious balance with other facial features. It can address concerns such as a prominent hump on the bridge of the nose, a wide nasal tip, asymmetry, or an overly large or small nose.
  • Medical reasons: Rhinoplasty can be used to correct functional issues such as a deviated septum, which can obstruct airflow and cause breathing difficulties. It can also repair damage or deformities caused by trauma or injury, improving both appearance and function.

By tailoring the procedure to each patient's specific needs, rhinoplasty can enhance self-confidence and quality of life while providing relief from medical issues related to nasal structure.

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Here is a typical schedule for your Rhinoplasty Surgery - in as little as 5 days:

  • Day 1: Arrive late afternoon and spend the night in a hotel. Rest.
  • Day 2: Attend pre-operation consultations and tests. Undergo the rhinoplasty surgery. Spend the night in the clinic.
  • Day 3: Get discharged from the clinic. Spend the night in the hotel.
  • Day 4: Rest and recover. Spend the night in the hotel.
  • Day 5: Follow-up consultation. Return home.

Types of Rhinoplasty we offer:

Full Rhinoplasty
22,000 PLN
Nose Tip Surgery
12,000 PLN

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Rhinoplasty Surgery Surgery FAQ’s

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