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orthopedic surgery

Orthopedic Surgery in Allmedica, Poland: "Restoring Movement, Renewing Life."

Rediscover mobility and vitality through our orthopaedic surgery, designed to address a spectrum of conditions with compassionate care, reflecting our commitment to your well-being and ensuring optimal recovery and function restoration


Our team

Jakub Kalisz portret.Jakub Kalisz portret.
Jakub Kalisz
Orthopedic Surgery
An exceptionally skilled and dedicated physician with a strong passion for advanced and modern orthopedic surgery. With a meticulous approach and a wealth of experience, this physician excels in utilizing his expertise to contribute effectively to the dynamic and innovative team at Allmedica. Committed to delivering the highest standard of patient care, he combines his knowledge and skills to ensure successful surgical outcomes and improve patients' quality of life. His dedication to continuous learning and professional development ensures he stays at the forefront of orthopaedic advancements, making them a valuable asset to the Allmedica team.
Katarzyna Kącka portret.Katarzyna Kącka portret.
Katarzyna Kącka
Orthopedic Surgery
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