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plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery in Allmedica, Poland: "Transforming Lives, One Procedure at a Time."

Discover the simplicity of transformation with our plastic surgery solutions, combining professionalism, quality, and exceptional value. With our easy-as-1-2-3 approach, achieving your desired look with a guarantee of a hassle-free experience ensures satisfaction at every step.


Our team

Dominik K. Boligłowa portret.Dominik K. Boligłowa portret.
Dominik K. Boligłowa
Plastic Surgery
Meet Dr. Boligłowa, a highly skilled board certified plastic surgeon, trusted by celebrities. With an impressive yearly number of 400 surgeries, he is dedicated to precision and excellence. Specializing in facelifts and nose jobs, Dr. Boligłowa performs around 150 of nose jobs annually. He is also recognized for pioneering his unique technique in endoscopic transaxillary breast augmentation, which leaves patients without visible scars. Moreover, Dr Boligłowa is renowned for his contributions to scientific research and international conferences, where he presents live surgical demonstrations. Dr. Boligłowa's commitment to innovation and patient-centered care continues to redefine the standards of modern surgery.
Łukasz Warchoł portret.Łukasz Warchoł portret.
Łukasz Warchoł
Plastic Surgery
Dr. Warchoł is a highly skilled plastic surgeon renowned for his expertise in transformative procedures, with a particular focus on breast augmentation through implants, and sculpting the body through advanced techniques such as liposuction and tummy tuck. In addition to these specialties, Dr. Warchoł also performs a wide range of other plastic surgeries, catering to diverse aesthetic goals and needs.
Michał Pasiński portret.Michał Pasiński portret.
Michał Pasiński
Plastic Surgery
Dr. Pasiński is a Doctor of Medicine with 17 years of experience with general and plastic surgery - double board certification. Completed internships, training and courses in health care facilities in Poland and abroad e.g. Brazil and Spain. Member of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic Surgery and the Polish Society of Surgeons and ISAPS. He performs all plastic surgery procedures e.g. liposuction and breast implants, offering solutions to enhance body contours and achieve aesthetic goals.
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